Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Take Charge when Dining Out

Here is a summary of my Weight Watchers meeting on February 16, 2010.

It is very possible to dine out successfully without going off plan or feeling deprived, simply use one or more of these tips that were shared in this week's meeting and get your CARD punched next week!

*The #1 TIP that really will help you be successful is- Know where you are headed and have a plan-Most establishments have their menus on the WEB just do a search or call and have them fax you over a menu. Your Pocket Guide is a great tool to have on hand when Dining Out-Dining Out ideas start on page 44 and you can find a simple guide to portion sizes on page 50.

*If not knowing the portion size of a FILLING FOOD try the SETPOINTS, this is the number you see in parentheses in your pocket guide, dining out companion, e-tools, complete food companion, etc. To learn about how to use SETPOINTS check out pages 42-43 in your pocket guide, you will also find a list of foods that SETPOINTS can be used for. A plain baked potato is a great item to use this technique on, it is really hard to determine the portion size of a HUGE potato from McAllisters, Texas Road House etc. SETPOINTS takes the guessing away and you can enjoy that potato....remember to eat until satisfied not stuffed :-) (Remember to count extra for any toppings…the setpoints is just for the plain potato!)

*Share an entree/dessert.

*When you order have the waiter bag half your meal and bring it you with the check.

*Order from the Kid's menu-these are appropriate portion sizes.

*Order from the lunch menu not only will you save money but also calories since lunch portions are typically smaller.

*Order RED sauce, not White sauce (unless of course the white sauce is part of your PLAN)

*Get food prepared the way you want, you are paying so don't be shy!

*Ask for dressing on the side. One member suggested dipping your fork in the dressing first and then stab into your salad!

*If the Bread or Chip Basket gets you every time ask that it not be delivered to your table or put it far away and not at hands reach.

*Substitute the white rice or pasta with a whole grain pasta or brown rice.

*Double up on Veggies!

*Soda and mixed drinks can add up quickly in points. Opt for Diet soda or mixed drinks with diet soda or tonic water. WATER is an excellent substitute and will cost you ZERO points :-)

*USE those 35 Weekly Points and ENJOY your next Dining Out experience without Guilt!

*If you have E-Tools check out the interactive Cheat Sheets!
For more tips on Dining Out The Smart Way check out

"It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret" ~Jackie Joyner-Kersee

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