Monday, February 15, 2010

I moved!!

When I started the morning I thought that I would create a blog that had to do with The Love Dare. You see I took the KLOVE Love Dare Challenge 41 days ago. However, 40 days is not long enough to let God really work out the issues in my marriage that He needs to work on. I was going to blog for the next 40 days, each day posting the devotional and the dare in case there are others out there who want to take up this challenge as well. However, as I was considering this I was thinking about website that I already have, that I have practically neglected since November 2009. It was called Living a Changed Life.

When I started that website in August 2009, I thought that it was all about my weight loss journey and helping others through their journeys as well. But it is more than that, people need help through their journey called Life. The person who will help them through that best is Jesus Christ. So that is why I will not be updating my website anymore, but moving here a blog format.

I will blog about my weight loss maintenance journey as well as other things that God puts in my path. I will try to post recipes and low point foods for those who want it. At the same times each day I will post The Love Dare devotional and dare for that day. Living a Changed Life is about every aspect of your life and that’s what I am going to blog about!

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