Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Positive Mind set

Here is a summary of my Weight Watchers meeting on February 2, 2010.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful week. Try to challenge yourself to leave positive notes of encouragement laying around. Invest in a sticky pad and start sticking! Remember your goals and why you joined weight watchers in the first place. Go back to the basics and start tracking again. Maybe you just need to review your materials. Pull out those measuring spoons and put them to good use!

There is no such thing as perfect weight loss but we all agreed that weight loss can only be achieved when we put our mind into it. We have to keep our mind aware of what our goals are and what we have to do to make that goal a reality. Make yourself and your weight loss your number one priority. You should be at the top of your list! I have listed below some tips to help you keep a positive attitude.

Top 10 Attitude Enhancers
Keep your mind focused on your goals. Here's how:

1. Celebrate the here and now -
As long as you're committed to your plan today, you're succeeding because you're taking charge of your life. Focusing on goals that are far in the future can sap motivation.

2. Change your language -
Scratch negative phrases from your vocabulary. Instead of saying "No," "I can't" or "I'll try," substitute the positive. Say: "Yes!" "I can" and "I will."

3. Create visual inspiration -
Find a photo of yourself before you started your weight-loss plan. Tack it on the refrigerator, a bedroom or bathroom mirror or inside the food cupboard. As you reach new goals, take new pictures, visually marking your progress.

4. Weigh in -
Weigh in at your weekly meeting, and track your results. Look at your overall progress and visualize that chart whenever you're tempted by less-than-healthy choices.

5. Partner up -
Exercising with friends is always more enjoyable. Schedule days to meet with your partner, and if one of you tries to bow out, act as the other's conscience.

6. Steer clear of sabotage -
Avoid people who put you down for trying to lose weight, or who encourage you to eat too much. Often these folks feel threatened by your weight loss.

7. Set mini goals -
Start with aiming to lose 5 pounds. Although challenging, this goal is so close. Once you have lost 5 pounds aim for 5 more….before you know it you will be close to your ultimate goal!

8. Reward yourself -
When you've reached a goal (and remember to keep them small), you deserve a treat. Buy new clothes, a book or CD, or take yourself to a movie or sporting event.

9. Keep reminders in plain sight -
Treadmills, bicycles, weights, even sneakers and exercise outfits should be left where you can see them. Don't store your exercise gear under the bed or in the basement. That will only hide the fact that you need to exercise.

10. Read Success Stories -
Motivation often comes from reading about the way others have found success. Just think: "One day the story is going to be mine!" The website is full of encouraging stories of people just like you who started to lose motivation. They are also filled with pieces of advice or tips that can help you along the way.

Remember that you are worth it and that this weight loss is important to your happiness.


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Living a Changed Life said...

Mano - Thank you!

camilyn said...


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Living a Changed Life said...

Camilyn - Thank you!


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