Monday, January 23, 2017

Starting a New Chapter

At the beginning of 2017, I started a new chapter in weight loss journey. I am currently trying to lose the weight that I gained while I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter, Matilda. Honestly, I feel like my weight loss journey has been on hold for about 1 year now, because I was determined to nurse Matilda until her first birthday. Last year, I tried to lose weight off and on, but I was always worried that it would negatively affect my milk supply. A lot of people lose weight while nursing, but that wasn't the case for me. All that to say, I put my weight loss on hold until I was finished nursing my baby.

I am excited to say that the Lord answered my prayers and allowed me to nurse Matilda until she was one year old!! This was such a wonderful accomplishment for me, because I wasn't able to nurse my older daughters. I am so thankful to be a stay-at-home Mommy and have plenty of time to focus on caring for my baby. However, now that Matilda is growing up and I am not nursing anymore, I feel like it is time to focus on myself a little more and work to get rid of this baby weight.

I started seriously following Weight Watchers again at the beginning of January. In just a few weeks, I have already lost -6.4 pounds!! I'm so excited to see the weight begin to come off.

Here's a picture of my babies from Thanksgiving!! They're getting so big!!

My babies.
 I've missed blogging and hope to continue to keep you updated on my weight loss journey!!

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