Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bounce Back

In case I haven’t mentioned this earlier, I am leading a local Weight Watchers meeting again!! I am so excited about this opportunity and thankful that God worked out my schedule so that I could be a part of a weekly meeting.

Last night at Weight Watchers, we talked about bouncing back from a slip up. Everyone has had a slip up and we will have them again. The most important thing is that we need to remember that they are not a big deal. We must do whatever we can to forgive ourselves and get back on plan as soon as possible. None of us are proud of our slip ups, but we all have gained a lot of wisdom as we have learned from our mistakes.

Right before the end of the meeting, we wrote down words of encouragement on a Post-It note. We were told to take that note home with us and put it up somewhere in our house where we will see it. This way the next time we mess up our note will be there to help us get back on track.

On my note I wrote, “The scale does NOT define you.”

What would your Post-It note say!?

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Godsy Girl(TM) said...

I think mine would say the same. Last week I gained two pounds. I was devastated! We weigh at my job and I almost wanted to go home! But, I didn't. This week I'm back on track.

I'm saving that pic to my ipad for those weighing that bring me to my knees! LOL


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