Thursday, April 10, 2014

Guest Post: Following in Your Footsteps

 I am thrilled to have Toni Hammer with us this morning! Toni is an amazing Mom who is trying her best to lead a healthy lifestyle and be a positive influence for her family. I hope you enjoy what Toni has to share with us this morning!

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I am so excited to be writing this post for all of you! Jen and I met in college and it has been such a joy to watch her lose weight, be healthy, and become an incredible mom to her two little girls. 

I have two little ones myself. My daughter is almost two and my son is almost one. I was lucky enough to have been blessed with two children only 355 days apart. Talk about a challenge! 

My daughter is completely on solid foods, and can sometimes even navigate those foods with a fork, and my son is slowly entering the world of more solids and less nursing. It’s a struggle to find foods that they both like, and it’s even harder to make sure those foods are healthy. The challenge is made even more difficult when I’m faced with my choices at the grocery store. 

You see, I’m beginning to realize that what I eat is what my children eat. So if I have a piece of cake for breakfast—hypothetically speaking of course—it’s likely they will too. Okay, that wouldn’t actually happen, but it’s that principle I want to talk about. 

If I want my children to eat healthy, then I need to lead them into that by eating healthy myself. If I want my children to enjoy slices of bell pepper with hummus as a snack instead of gummy bears, I need to lead by example and provide those snacks to them. 

My daughter is in a picky phase and would rather have candy than broccoli. Who wouldn’t? However, she does like green beans and peas so I always make sure those are easy options available to me at dinner. She’ll also eat just about any type of fruit because it’s sweet. Another trick I’ve learned is to offer her food off of my plate. For some reason, she’s much more likely to try something if I’m eating it than if I just put it on her plate. It’s one more reason to make sure I’m eating healthy so my children will follow in my footsteps. 

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Kim said...

My daughter is also a picky eater who prefers sweets to anything else. She is more intrigued by the things on my plate than on her own. For instance, she likes raw spinach (or "leaves") because she noticed me eating a strawberry spinach salad for lunch one day. But, she always picks the lettuce out of her taco.

Juree Meeks said...

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