Monday, March 17, 2014

Help Me Brainstorm

I do not even know where to start this morning.

Let me just begin by telling you that it has always been a dream of mine to write a book. I have had this desire for a long time, but I never knew what I would write about in my book. I think that this is one of the main reasons why I started this blog, because I wanted to be able to practice my writing skills without the pressure of feeling like I needed to get my book finished.

Then, this past weekend, I received an email from one of my Living a Changed Life readers. This woman explained that she would be willing to purchase, "Living a Changed Life" in book form.

How exciting!!

Off of the top of my head, this book would include the story of my weight loss journey, recipes, helpful tips, and more.


So, I guess now I am curious to know what the rest of you think about this idea...

Would you be interested in "Living a Changed Life" the book?

I would really love your feedback, so be sure to leave me a comment with any thoughts that you have about this book idea!

Finally, please pray with me as I consider whether or not to take the time to make "Living a Changed Life" into a book. I will need wisdom from the Lord and patience as I begin to see if this is God's will for me right now. Above all else, pray that the Lord will receive all the glory for any book that I am able to put together. Without Him, I would not have a story to tell.


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Here is my 2 cents...take it for what it is worth (which isn't much! ha!).

I have read a lot of books from authors who started off with a blog. Those that I've really enjoyed reading are those that shared stories and ideas, etc. that were not already on their blog.

Those I did NOT enjoy? The blog as a book. Meaning, I don't want to read blog author's book and say to myself, "Well, that was wasted money. I just bought a book that I've already read because it was their blog--in book form."

That is my encouragement for you: explore sharing stories and such that haven't been talked about on your blog. Obviously there will always be a little overlap (such as why you joined WW, etc.).

Good luck!!

joyousme44 said...

Hi Jennifer... You mentioned that FORGIVEN... was an "easy read" seven short chapters.

During our "short" 24 hours in a day... It's difficult to get our Bible reading in....Oh, Listen to me, I'm preaching to the choir!

So, I'm thinking perhaps short chapters. Or maybe even 31 "chapters"... you know one a day... to be repeated each month. If anyone else out there is like me, well, much bears repeating or reminding. Ideas, recipes, quotes, experiences will be savored as WE struggle to reach our own personal goals. Many blessings, godspeed...

ashley smith said...

Yes I would be interested.I really am blessed by your blog

dupster said...

I'd buy your book too. When I lost over 170 lbs. almost three years ago, I read lots of weight loss memoirs and found them to be highly inspirational and motivational. You would be doing us all a favor, chronicling your successful journey!

cindie nunez said...

what an exciting journey you are about to walk!!! Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and you will be successful.


~ dee ~ said...

Me personally? No, I would not be interested in purchasing a book, probably because I am pretty much only interested in the Weight Watcher topic. I enjoy the blog, though!

Anonymous said...

Its a great idea. I would focus less on recipes (there are already enough recipe books out there) and more time on how you did, especially all the ups and downs, great scale victories and wonderful non scale victories. A strong section is needed on maintenance of the weight as well. Also, a strong section, at the first part of the book, simply entitled "are you ready" which gives the reader somethings to really think about on this journey.

Listen to a podcast series called Half Size Me. It will give you a lot of topics to write about.

Wish you the best of luck and I will be sure to buy a copy!


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