Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - Recapturing Your Enthusiasm

I am proud to say that after my almost 5 pound Easter weekend gain, I was able to lose 1.4 of it last week! It took a lot of hard work and determination, but it feels so good to be back on plan! It also helps that I did some meal planning (which I will write more about later), went to the grocery store and stocked up on pointsplus friendly foods. I'm also getting in lots of activity pointsplus as I train for my half marathon.

I love being a Weight Watchers leader! I enjoy being able to encourage my members throughout their weight loss journies and help them reach their goals! My favorite part about being a Weight Watchers leader is being able to continue to be enthusiastic about the Weight Watchers program and weight loss in general.

Why is that important?

After you've been on Weight Watchers for a while, or any weight loss program, everything starts to become familiar, routine, and maybe even boring. This can be very discouraging as you are trying to lose weight and stay on plan!

The best part about being a Weight Watchers member and attending a weekly meeting is that for 30 minutes a week you are in a room filled with people just like you! Some people are already at goal or almost there, other people have been coming for a while, and then you have the new members that are scared and excited all at the same time! Those new members usually bring so much enthusiasm that it overflows into everyone else each week. It reminds members of how it first felt to follow the plan and helps keep them going throughout the next week.

My Mom did this for me this past week, as I was fighting to get back on plan after Easter.

If you follow my blog's Facebook page, Living a Changed Life, you have seen me post this picture of my Mom's weight loss progress. Isn't my Mom doing great? She is losing weight with good old fashioned diet and exercise!

Everything is new and exciting for my Mom, because she is just starting her weight loss journey! Her enthusiastic attitude overflowed into my life this week to help encourage me to go back on plan and get back to basics. Normally, Mom's asking me for advice, but this week I tried a few things that she suggested, because they have helped her stay on plan!

My Mommy's weight loss progress
Have you lost your enthusiasm and excitement for your weight loss program? Maybe you need to talk with someone that is just starting their weight loss journey, read success stories, or read your old journal entries. Do whatever you have to in order to recapture some of the enthusiasm that you have lost along the way!


Amy: said...

Way to go, Mom! Great to see you encouraging one another. Accountability is key!

The Skinny on Staci said...

Huge difference in your mom's pictures. She is doing GREAT. Congrats on your loss this week!

Frances Kendrick said...

Your mom is doing amazing!! What an inspiration!


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