Monday, June 13, 2011

Weight Watchers Track Olympics


Here is the meeting summary from June 7, 2011.

Alright well this week in the meeting room we discussed the importance of tracking not just the things that we swallow, but also all of the other things in our lives that influence our weight loss journey. I hope that you all were able to understand and accept how tracking some of the following things can help encourage you in the future. Make an effort from here on our to track something other than your foods this next week.

Some of the suggestions of things to track were the following:
* our thoughts, moods, and emotions
* exercise and pedometer steps each day
* body measurements and pants sizes
* good healthy guidelines
* awards and accomplishments
* non scale victories
* medications and dosage
* biometrics (blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels)
* hunger levels throughout the day
* goals
* things we have learned from experience on the plan
* setbacks
* confidence levels, how you feel about yourself
* trigger foods
* keep up with old trackers to refer back to in the future
* favorite recipes

I hope that from the above list you can find the benefit in keeping track of that information. Hey, lets face it we are all going to have bad days and when we do, it sure would be nice to have some sort of "journal" to look upon and realize how far we have come!

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mrsmarkdave said...

I tracked everyday this week except for Tuesday. I even won a 3 month tracker in a drawing we had last week.
Tuesdays are astronomically difficult for me to track because that's my WW day. So when I get home from my meeting, I'm famished (which is dangerous, I know) and I figure I have all week to "make up for it" so I go crazy. I started praying today for God to work in my heart for tomorrow so that I stay on track and stay motivated and obedient.


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