Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I Like Right Now


Ever since Weight Watchers launch their new pointsplus program I have been so excited about bananas! On the old plan it was hard to convince myself that it was worth it to have a banana, so I chose fruits that had a lower points value. However, now on the new plan, bananas are zero pointsplus! It does not cost me any of my daily pointsplus to eat a banana. What could be better than that?


I enjoy blogging so much! I never expected that I would be a blogger, but I really enjoy sharing my heart and what is going on in my life with others!

{Weight Watchers Food Scale}

I finally brokedown and bought myself a Weight Watchers electronic food scale. I had bought a food scale at Target a while back, thinking I was making a good choice. I was so WRONG. I get really frustrated with that scale, because it doesn’t always turn on. How can I use it if it doesn’t turn on? The Weight Watchers scale is very user friendly and it can calculate the pointsplus values of food for you! I should have bought this back in November…why did I wait so long?


I really like having Skype. It’s not just about getting to talk with people, but seeing them and feeling like I am in the same room as them. Most of Jon’s family does not live in the United States of America and it is so nice to have a way to interact with them. I was able to meet my nephews for the first time on Skype. I could even talk with my dearest friend Michelle who lives in Japan!


Who doesn’t like weekends? Honestly!? I also look forward to weekends, because we do not have to be anywhere. It’s nice to be able to get things on my To-Do List accomplished and enjoy time with my hubby too! I hope you have a great weekend too!


Toni said...

I love that you blog! I feel so much closer to you friendship wise because of this thing. :) My Dad joined weight watchers a few weeks ago and has lost 10 pounds so far. It's such a great program. Do you think I should get him a scale as a late father's day present?

Living a Changed Life said...

Toni - Your Dad's lost 10 pounds already! That's awesome! I think that a Weight Watchers scale would be the perfect late Father's Day gift! I find it so helpful to my weight loss

mrsmarkdave said...

I love bananas, too.

Since you waited so long to get the scale, you can appreciate it more :-)

-J.Darling said...

This is a great list!

I LOVE SKYPE! When My Sailor (my husband) was across the country, we'd have Skype Dates! We would turn on our PS3s and watch a Netflix movie at the same time, while being together on Skype - or we'd eat dinner together or something. It was AWESOME and truely beat a phone call! Now that we're together (and moved away from our families), we use it for a weekly Skype date w/ my mom! :)


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