Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guest Posting: Our One Sweet World

Good Morning!! Today, I am doing my first guest post!

Shelly over at Our One Sweet World is doing a little series on her blog. People can participate by submitting {Thankful lists} and she posts them on her blog.

I submitted a list to her and it is going to be posted today!! Please hop on over to Our One Sweet World and check out all that I am thankful for.

If your interested in being apart of the series: send your list, include a picture if you'd like, and a blog link if applicable to:


The Project Author said...

Living, Project Supermom has picked you as one of the best and has given you an award! Come see me at to pick it up. Thanks for fun and interesting reads...I enjoy them so much!

Living a Changed Life said...

The Project Author - Thanks for the blog award!!


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