Friday, July 23, 2010

Hitting the Restart Button

I did it! I pushed the restart button, that button right there. It felt so good!!

Did you press the restart button? Do you need to? Go ahead press it and then read the notes from my Weight Watchers meeting on July 20, 2010, click here.

You might be wondering why I needed to push a button like this when I have already reached my goal, but let me explain. At my Weight Watchers meeting on July 13th we talked about plateaus. Ever since that meeting I have come to understand that for the first time in my Weight Loss journey, I hit a plateau. I wondered, “How could I be in a plateau and not even know it?” However, what I learned in that meeting was that plateaus can come in all shapes and sizes, both physical and emotional.

The only plateau that I ever thought about avoiding was a plateau in my weight loss. While losing weight I tried to do everything in my power to keep my weight loss going. I was successful and able to reach Lifetime in November 2009. Since that time I have done a very good job of staying within my healthy weight range. I have continued to attend meets and make healthy choices for myself. However, over the last month things have changed. I felt like it is all slipping away from me. I feel like my hands are full of sand and there is no way to stop it as the sand quickly falls through my fingers.

You see I have reached an emotional plateau. My desire to eat anything I want has become more important than my desire to eat healthy and take care of myself. As this happens I slowly become more and more relaxed about the habits I had once created for myself. This relaxation leads to weight gain. My success was found in the Lord and the discipline that He gave me and I have lost that.

I desperately need a restart. This restart will not include me losing weight again. However, I do need to get my head back in the game remembering how far I have come and getting back to basics.

Before Weight Watchers

After Weight Watchers

I am also going to go through the ten steps that I need to help me get back on track. This is going to be a lot of work, but I am worth it. I do not want to let all of my weight loss efforts be undone, because I lost my focus. I will try to blog as I complete each step to getting back on track.

Do you feel like I do? Do you need a fresh start? You are not alone. Let’s do it together! I would love to hear your story.

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