Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Simply Filling and Pregnancy #2

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I want to make it very clear that what I am going to write is my opinion. It is NOT the opinion of Weight Watchers or anyone else. I am writing from my own personal perspective and opinion. I am not a professional nutritionist, just a woman trying to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible while I am pregnant.

With that being said, I think I should share with you that OFFICIALLY you cannot follow the Weight Watchers program while you are pregnant. A portion of the Weight Watchers health notice states, "Weight Watchers prohibits participation in its weight loss plan for children under the age of 10, those individuals with an active medical diagnosis of bulimia nervosa, those whose weight is less than 5 pounds above the minimum weight of the Weight Watchers Weight Ranges, and during pregnancy." To read the entire Weight Watchers health notice, please click here.
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Last time I was pregnant, I continued to count my pointsplus values throughout the first half of my pregnancy and tried to modify the program to meet my needs. Unfortunately, during the later half of my pregnancy, I really let myself eat whatever I wanted causing my 45 pound weight gain. To read more about what I did throughout my first pregnancy with Olivia, please click here.

Since I learned that I was pregnant again, back in April, I have not been tracking my pointsplus values. I have been trying to listen to my hunger signals and make healthy choices.

Now that I have finally reached my 12th week of pregnancy and am almost done with my first trimester, I feel like it is time to come up with a gameplan for this pregnancy. Please don't judge me, I'm a planner and this is just what I do. It is important for me to decide how to continue to make healthy choices throughout my pregnancy, because if I don't come up with a game plan now, I won't do it at all!

As I have considered my options, I have become more and more convinced that I should follow the Simply Filling plan throughout my pregnancy. In all honesty, the entire time I have been on the Weight Watchers program (since 2008) I have never followed the Simply Filling plan. However, I think it might be very helpful as I continue to try and make healthy choices throughout pregnancy #2.

For those of you who might be wondering, here is a breakdown of how to use the Simply Filling Technique.

1.  Focus on Power Foods/Simply Filling Foods ~ lean proteins, fat free dairy, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, your 2 tsp of healthy oil, reduced calorie breads and broth based soups. 

2.  Use your Weekly PointsPlus Allowance (49 pointsplus+) for any foods that do not fit in the above categories or do not fit into a category on this Simply Filling Food Lists.  You do not have to track the pointsplus+ for any of the Simply Filling Foods you eat.  You only track the non-Simply Filling Foods. 

3.  Eat just until satisfied making sure you eat slowly, listen to your body and stop/rest/assess as you are eating.  The goal is to not feel too full or too hungry, but, to feel “just right”.

I think this is a great fit for me for many reasons!! First, Simply Filling will allow me to eat as much food as I need until I am full/satisfied. Second, Simply Filling will help me to make healthy choices all day long, because I can eat them for free. Finally, following Simply Filling will also allow me some wiggle room as I crave foods that are not on the Simply Filling lists.

I am so excited about this change that I've been on Pinterest looking for Simply Filling recipe ideas and I cannot wait to make them!


-J.D. Humenay said...

Sounds like a great plan! I think planning along with your pregnancy is an excellent idea. I mean, we all know we can only plan so much - that 'life happens' in the mean time, but if you HAVE a plan, you can always adjust it if you need to. And a healthy pregnancy makes life a little easier on everyone. :) Mom, baby, dad, etc...

It sounds like you'll be eating a lot of fresh foods. Those are the most delicious ones! :)

MadScientist said...

This is an interesting concept for me. I to have thought about this if I'm pregnant. I'm not sure why you feel like you need to track your 49 other me that's actively dieting and that's against WW advice. What it brings up for me, and something that I have to deal being afraid of myself. When it try and control thing, it's because I'm afraid. I can't possibly trust myself...if I don't count then ill be out of control...I just can't do this without external markers.

I don't know if a god mad us to be slaves to things outside of ourselves. I think you need to be honest with yourself as to why there's so much fear around eating what is good and health and balance for you. It's something I work on, it's something I have to lean into a lot. I still fall flat in my face. But I know that I can. I hope you find a balance that's healthy for you and your baby.

Nita said...

Sounds like an excellent plan! I have never tried the simply filling technique, but I think I will revisit it as I am tiring of counting points and needing a change.Congratulations to you for making such a healthy plan!

Lana said...

Sounds like a great idea! I wish I would have used some sort of guidelines for myself when I was pregnant for DD#2. I am still trying to get the weight off 2 years later. I am going to read a little more on the Simply Filling Plan and might give it a try. I have been trying to do low carb/low sugar, but I'm just not convinced that I can do this forever. I pray everything continues to go well with your pregnancy! :) Lana


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