Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Challenge: Week 3 - Snack and Track


I cannot believe that we are already on our 3rd week of our Thanksgiving Challenge!! Before we move on lets review what we have learned so far.

Week 1 - Track and Discover
We need to be tracking no matter what! We need to be tracking even when we make poor food choices. It's important to find a way of tracking that works for you, especially if you hate tracking.

Week 2 - Friends Without Food
There are more important things in life than food! Let's stop focusing on the food on our plates and begin to pay attention to the people sitting across from us! Find other activities to do with your friends that won't jeopardize your weight loss program.

. . . . . . . . . . .
Week 3 - Track and Snack

This week we are focusing on tracking all of those late night snacks!! This week's topic is perfect for me, because I have always been a late night snacker! Even while I was losing weight the first time on Weight Watchers I would plan my day knowing that I would want to enjoy some after dinner snacks. I would save the majority of my daily pointsplus, so that I could eat dinner, dessert, and a snack.

I'm going to be honest when I say that I wasn't willing to change my habits. However, I did set up a few rules for myself so that I would be able to continue to stay on plan.

1. No eating past 9:00pm.
2. Track what I eat.
3. Make healthy choices. For example, I would eat Veggie Straws instead of buttery popcorn.

These rules have been really important over the last 7 weeks as I have been up late with Olivia. I want to eat and snack while I am up with Olivia, but I have to remind myself of the rules I set up for myself. It's okay to eat, especially if I am genuinely hungry, but I need to make sure that I still make good choices.

Oh! One more thing, do you remember how I told you I struggle with closet/binge eating? One of the main reasons I like eating late at night is because there isn't anyone around to watch me eat. This is a bad habit that is so hard to break. I think in the last 7 weeks, I have even fallen back into this more than I would like to admit. If you struggle with this too that's okay! You are not alone!

This week, how do you continue to stay in control and on plan during the late night hours?

P.S. It's a miracle I even got this post written, because Olivia's being fussy today. I put her in the Moby Wrap and she finally fell asleep long enough for me to finish this. I love being a Mommy!


mrsmarkdave said...

I am reading through Made to Crave again (for the 3rd time) and watching the DVDs for the 2nd time. For some reason, this time, it's hitting me completely differently than ever before. And, I feel God is really changing me permanently this time. Plus, I have a desire like I've never had before.

What has really helped me has been thinking before I eat, "Am I really hungry, or am I just eating because I want to?" And this has stopped me MANY, MANY times.

Negi said...

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Negi said...

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Molly Q said...

It was hard for me to not eat around the clock after my baby was born! Luckily after the first couple of weeks I was able to nix having leftovers at 3 am because I was so hungry, and I would leave a Kashi bar in the nursery near the rocking chair for if I really was hungry. The Kashi bar was not my favorite flavor, so I had to have actual hunger in order to eat it... and I found that I rarely did :) great post


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