Monday, March 12, 2012

Pictures from Our Weekend

Recently, Jon has been very busy flying. We are so thankful for all the trips that he has been able to go on. However, it was so nice to have Jon home this weekend!! Whenever Jon is home I try to hangout with him as much as possible, because I don't know the next time that his schedule will allow for him to be home. That being said, Jon decided that this past weekend would be the perfect time to start celebrating my birthday, which is coming up this next week!!

Saturday morning, Jon and I both had to work, but after that our schedule was free for us to hangout together! Jon took me to a neighboring town, so that we could do some shopping.

I have been dying to go to Fresh. It's the most amazing grocery store, but we do not have one in our town. Jon took me to the closest Fresh around, so that we could check it out! It was amazing and we had so much fun walking up and down all the isles to see what types of food we could find.

We even found Okinawa Sweet Potatoes!!

Me with the Okinawa Sweet Potato. (Michelle, these pictures were for you!)

We also found some of the most amazing four cheese bread. It's not Weight Watchers friendly, but that's okay!

After some shopping, I was starving so we went and ate at Chipotle!

Jon wanted a picture of his Chipotle burrito. It was so big that they needed two pieces of tinfoil when they wrapped it up!

After dinner we made a quick stop by Barnes & Noble, because we love bookstores!!

Of course, Jon was able to find the only Legos in the whole store! They were actually really cool!

On our way home, Jon gave me one of my birthday presents. Don't you love the bag!?

Jon knows me so well! He bought me Elephant & Piggie books!! I read them aloud to Jon and the baby on our way home. These books were so funny that I could not help but laugh out loud!

Sunday was awesome, because after church we came home and didn't go anywhere the rest of the day! We watched movies, played games, read books, made pancakes and cookies!! It was just the restful kind of day that we needed before starting another week.

Jon said it's my birthday week, so I got to choose what we had for dinner. I picked pancakes!! Jon made very thick pancakes and they were so good!

I was craving cookies so I made Chocolate Chip.

It was such an amazing weekend! I am so thankful to Jon for making my pre-birthday weekend so special!!


katlupe said...

I loved your shopping trip. Especially the FRESH store! I have never seen a store like that in my area. What a sweet hubbie you have! Happy Birthday to you!

Melissa Bo said...

Happy Early Birthday! =)

Love the photos! The pancakes and cookies look great!
and I love..chipotle!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful special time. And did you say baby??? I have been mia for a bit.

Amanda said...

Waaaaait a second here...WHERE were you?! Is this in Tyler? If not, that's weird because it looks like Tyler. LOL!

Living a Changed Life said...

Amanda - Yep you guessed it! We were in Tyler!


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