Friday, March 9, 2012

Hungry Girl Supermarket List 2012


If you have ever started a weight loss program you know how overwhelming it can be to make your very first trip to the grocery store. Many of my Weight Watchers members ask me for food ideas, so that they know which items are "safe" to buy when shopping. To keep from being overwhelmed when grocery shopping I use the Supermarket List from Hungry Girl, which I have found to be the solution to my problem.

I am happy to announce that today Hungry Girl released their 2012 Supermarket List! This yearly list from Hungry Girl is so helpful. Each year I print off this list and keep it with me while I am grocery shopping. It helps me to navigate the store successfully without spending hours calculating the PointsPlus values of every food item I walk past.

If you are new to healthy eating, I would recommend that you print this list and keep it with you.

This supermarket list is extremely long, so please visit Hungry Girl for the complete Hungry Girl Supermarket List 2012. To download the PDF version of this list, please click here.



Melissa Bo said...

Thanks so much for sharing this list! It looks very helpful!

Amanda A said...

This probably is a terrible statement and question, but I don't understand the point of the list. I thought it might have points on it or maybe calories or something but I don't see that. Can you help me out to understand?

Living a Changed Life said...

Amanda - I find the list helpful, because they are all healthy food suggestions. This way I am not searching through the store myself looking for the healthiest options out there.


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