Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nix the Negative Talk and Be Positive


This morning, I want to give you the meeting summary from my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday, March 17, 2012.

Think Yourself Thin: Weight-Loss Affirmations That Work
Find the motivation you need for the body you’ve always wanted. 
An excerpt from "Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans," by Amy Cotta


Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do were snap your fingers and—poof!—you're a size 2? We all know weight loss isn’t nearly that easy, but there is some truth to thinking yourself thin. Your attitude and perspective are absolutely essential to dominating a weight-loss and/or shape-up plan (like the one in Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans). Your thoughts are what will guide you to success or to failure. If you’re in the wrong state of mind, you won’t stick it out through the exercises or follow the eating plan.

Garbage In Your Mind = Garbage In Your Mouth
Sometimes your biggest saboteur can be the enemy within. That’s right: we're talking about you! Power-thinkers from Jack Canfield to Deepak Chopra say that the average person has about sixty thousand thoughts per day (too bad negative thinking doesn’t burn calories, we'd all be a size 2) and that 80 percent of those thoughts are negative. Anthony Robbins' book Awaken the Giant Within tells us that there are over three thousand words in the American language that relate to human emotions, and of those words, 2,086 of them are negative!

So what does all of this tell us? That the average person thinks 80 percent negatively? That two times out of three, the average American chooses a negative word out of the hat? Yes, maybe. But you are not average! Average people have little willpower. Average people don’t stick to the plan. And average people can’t button up their skinny jeans.

The Only One Who Can Hold You Back is You
While we may feel that we live in a negative world, it's up to us to go against the grain. Taking personal responsibility for what you do, think, feel, say, and eat are all a part of inducing change.

What would you do if your computer got a virus? I’m assuming you’d clean the virus off your system so that your computer ran properly. Think about negative feelings and self-deprecation as a computer virus of the brain. You’ve got to clean out your hard drive and replace it with clean programming. No one can do it but you.

Here is a list of some positive affirmations. Take the time to write some of these down somewhere.

Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss
• I achieve my weight loss goals
• Losing weight comes naturally to me
• I choose nourishing, healthy foods
• I think before eating
• I drink lots of water
• Losing weight is fun
• Healthy foods taste better
• I am motivated by both successes and failures
• I accept and love my body as it is, and work to make it better
• I love challenges and embrace them
• I lose weight systematically and I keep it off permanently
• I am losing weight
• I exercise because it makes me feel good
• I respect my body and treat it with respect
• I do everything I need to do to achieve my healthy weight
• I am encouraged by every success
• I am motivated by every shortfall
• Losing weight and I are one
• I dissolve all blocks to reaching a healthy weight
• I forgive myself
• I learn from my mistakes
• I fill all physical appetites in physically healthy ways
• I am aware of my eating habits and how they affect my weight
• I am willing to change my eating habits and I do so easily
• I build lean muscle and I lose fat
• I enjoy the process of reaching a healthy weight
• I see myself at my healthy weight and I achieve it
• I have non-stop daily determination to reach my healthy weight
• I like long walks
• It is easy for me to stay on my plan to obtain my healthy weight
• I picture myself at my perfect weight
• I have a positive attitude about what I eat, how I eat, and when I eat
• My body burns fat like a furnace
• Developing healthy eating habits becomes easier each day
• I stay on a healthy eating plan and maintain my healthy weight easily
• Each day, I automatically and successfully get healthier and healthier

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