Friday, February 24, 2012

Walking a 5K


A decision that I made early on in my pregnancy, is that I would exercise for 30 minutes every day. My exercise of choice has been walking. I came to this conclusion after reading several articles about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy. One of the articles that I read was called, “Seven great benefits of pregnancy exercise”, please click here to read it.

In January, I was thrilled when the Vice President of our school asked my co-workers and I to consider participating in a 5K here in town. She explained that we could walk or run, but that we would be doing it as a group. I knew immediately that this would be the perfect activity for me to do during my pregnancy!! I am excited to say that on Saturday, March 24th I will be walking in a 5K!! At the time of my 5K I will be about 17 1/2 weeks pregnant. I also spoke with my doctor and he confirmed that I am healthy enough to participate in this 5K.

With a grow baby in my belly and my 5K coming up quickly, I have made an effort to go walking at least 3 or 4 times a week. I like to go walking on my lunch break for anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes at a time. I have been parking my car farther away at the store, because I feel like every step counts...even the steps I take while I am out shopping.

I want to have the healthiest pregnancy that I can and if that means walking for 30 minutes every day, I am willing to do that.

What about you? Do you want to begin to experience the benefits of exercise in your life?

The Weight Watchers Walk-!t Challenge is just around the corner. If you have never participated in a 5K before I would recommend that you consider doing that this Spring/Summer. You do not have to run a 5K if that is not your thing. However, being to talk to your friends and see if you can find a walking buddy. Trust me the benefits of exercise far outweigh the alternative!!


Mrs.B said...

I used to walk ALL the time...I definitely need to start back. Way to keep at your goals! :)

Racheal @ Running with Racheal said...

That is great! Races are always a great motivator. :)


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