Friday, December 2, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

Last night Jon and I finally had time to put up our Christmas tree!! I told you that we are busy throughout the month of December and I was not lying. Last night was one of the only free nights that we had open to decorate our Christmas tree.

While I was at work my amazing husband did everything he could to help get the house ready to decorate. He vacuumed, moved furniture, washed the dishes, and he even put up the tree so it would be ready for us to decorate when we got home from work! I am so thankful to have a husband who is willing to help me with things around the house!!

After Jon and I got back from work we ate Taco Junk for dinner, which was prepared by Jon! After dinner we got to work decorating our home for Christmas. Here are some pictures that I took last night.

Jon had set up the tree while I was at work.

I wrapped my picture frames, so that they would look like presents. I got this idea from Pinterest.

Don't they look good!?

Jon was tired from work, so he decided to take a break before we even started.

These picture frames look so good!

I went a little crazy with this idea and wrapped all the picture frames in the living room and dining room.

This is our Haitian nativity. Thanks Michelle!

Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus

Our tree skirt

These are our Christmas stockings

This is the angel that sits on top of our tree.

Jon's parents gave us this ornament. Jon and I spent our first married Christmas together in 2006.

There is our Christmas tree!!

Every year Jon and I take pictures like this in front of our tree.

I love this guy!

We are all ready for Christmas!!


mrsmarkdave said...

OH wow! I LOVE your stockings. Those are adorable.
I want you to come decorate my house.

Losing Brownies said...

What a beautiful tree!

Christina said...

you should do a before pic with you guys in front of the tree and your pic from this year : )


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