Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weight Watchers eTools

Here is the Meeting Summary from October 8, 2011.

This week in the meeting room we talked about all of the amazing features that e-tools has to offer. The majority of Weight Watchers members are monthly pass holders, but a lot of them are not taking advantage of e-tools.

One shocking statistic showed that,
“Members who use e-tools Lose 50% more weight than those that don’t!”

eTools comprises several online features that help meetings members track and manage weight, activity and food intake. The site boasts thousands of articles that educate and motivate members when they are outside of the meeting room. It offers more than 3,3200 PointsPlus® value-friendly recipes and a tool to help members renovate their personal recipes, and even share them with the Community. There are fitness videos and workouts, as well as Success Stories and a thriving Community full of Blogs, Groups, Challenges and Message Boards. Even more conveniently, all these tracking options, and more, are available at your fingertips on our mobile apps.

These features were specifically created with the meetings member in mind. There are Topic of the Week articles that are designed to echo the topic being discussed in meeting rooms around the country each week, to further educate and inspire members to succeed. It will also frequently link to articles and features that are discussed in your Weight Watchers Weekly magazine.

Recent research makes the strength of the eTools and meetings connection undeniable. It has been shown that people who attend Weight Watchers meetings and use eTools lose over 50 percent more weight than those who attend weekly meetings alone. eTools gives members a place for helpful weight-loss tools between meetings. Take time to explore the site and think of the time spent as an investment in your weight-loss efforts.

Here is a short list of the “power tools” at your disposal on the Weight Watchers website
P+ tracker – easily look up pointsplus values of foods and track online or from your mobile device

Cheat Sheets – Mexican, Chinese, deli, adult beverages, breakfast foods, coffee shop, pizza, pasta, grilling, etc.

Recipe Genie - You tell it what you’ve got, it comes up with recipes

Videos – exercise and food demos

Targeted Workouts - (flexibility, core, balance, head-to-toe) you can print out the workout and take it with you to the gym!

Meeting topic of the week - if you missed the meeting, you can brush up on what was discussed

Plan manager - custom to your week on the program, gives tips, recommendations for success

Helpful and Informative Articles (Destination Guide: Overcoming Exercise Obstacles, etc.)

Science Center – want to know why the plan works…get the facts behind it

Success Stories – read about other members success on the program to gain a little motivation

Health Conditions - diabetes, asthma, depression, osteoarthritis, etc

Progress Reports – keep up with your weight and earn milestones along the way- your own little trophy case

Recipe Builder - plug in an old family recipe to determine pointsplus values per serving. They even have a lighten it up section that gives you suggestions on how to make your recipe lower in pointsplus values! You can even upload your recipe to the community so that others can use it too. So, that means not only can you get access to official weight watchers recipes on e-tools, but you can also see the thousands of recipes submitted by other members!

Community - similar to Facebook, you can upload a profile picture and connect with members all across the globe that are trying to lose weight too, you can share recipes, tips, questions, and frustrations and struggles

If you are a current monthly pass holder, take some time this next week to really explore e-tools and see all that it has to offer.

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