Monday, October 3, 2011

Doing More Than Dreaming

In case you have not noticed, I am a talker. I enjoy talking because it helps me to process what I am thinking and feeling.

The truth is that I have always been a talker. Even as a child I would bring home report cards that told my parents about how I talked too much! However, my Mom was never worried about it. Mom said that if talking too much was the worst thing that they had to say about me than I was going to be alright.

Recently, God has been teaching me about my lack of follow through. You see I am happy to talk about an idea and dream about the future, but I rarely take action to make my dreams a reality.

Would you like an example?

Ever since I reached my goal weight in 2009, I have talked about how much I want to run a marathon! I am so jealous of those around me who get to participate in marathons. However, the truth is that I have not been running in over a year! How am I ever going to run in a marathon if I do not do something about it?

That is just one of many examples that I could share with you.

I want to be a doer, not just a talker. I want to be the kind of woman who pursues her passions and dreams! I don’t want to spend the rest of my life dreaming about how good it could be. I want to be able to make those dreams a reality right now!

So, you want to know I did yesterday? I went running! I went on a run for the first time in over a year! It hurt and my muscles sore, but they are just a reminder to me that I did it! I laced up my running shoes and suddenly I wasn’t just a talker, but I was finally making my dreams a reality!

Yesterday, I became a runner again! I cannot wait to see how else God is going to work in my life as I put my words into action!


Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! I did that today as well. I have put off running for 2 months and got back to it today.

-J.Darling said...

Awesome! Keep it up!
One thing I've learned is to find a way to take 1 little step towards a dream come true every day. before you know it, you're there!

Dee said...

I'm relating to this post in SO many ways...see I'm also a "talker" about the things I'll b doing next month, next Jan, next year, etc. I also "dream" about running marathons even though I'm starting my journey weighing in at 263 lbs....but I have no doubt that making Weight Watchers my lifestyle (because I know diets don't work) exercising my body and keeping God as my partner will get me to ALL of my goals. God bless you and thank you so much for all that you post. It certainly does mean alot to a whole bunch of us. said...

Good morning!
This sounds like you've been in my head! I'm also a talker and long to put my words and dreams into action!
Thank you for the inspiration. :)

Heather said...

I love this post! I wrote something similar here I tend to think things through and have all of these ideas, but never seem to get to the doing :-) Good inspiration here!


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