Friday, October 7, 2011

Health Fair 2011

Every year the university I work at hosts a Health Fair. They use it as a way to minister to the community, because everything is FREE! I have been to the Health Fair for the last 3 years. I blogged about the health fair last year too! To read more about it click here.

I took pictures while we were at the Health Fair, because I wanted to share them with you. Please forgive the poor quality of the pictures, because I just took them with my phone and the lighting was not very good.

I hate going places by myself, so I invited Jon to come with me. His work schedule is so crazy that I never thought he would be able to come, but I was wrong! Jon stopped by my work Thursday morning so that we could go to the health fair together.

I was so excited to be at the Health Fair!!

Jon and I walked around checking out all of the different tables. Unfortunately, we did not have time to stand in line and receive a massage, but we were really tempted to do it anyway!

Jon was willing to do the fitness test with me! We did several tests and for the most part, we passed with flying colors. We even took a flexibility test which we passed!! I've never had anyone tell me that I was flexible!

The facts about obesity are heart breaking. I am so thankful that God has changed my life. The first year I went to this Health Fair I was overweight, because I had just joined Weight Watchers. The Lord has truly used my weight loss to save my life in more ways than one!

As an added bonus I got some free pens!

I cannot wait for next year's Health Fair! I hope that you all have a great weekend!

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athelda said...

Many women want to improve their health. The problem here is that they don't always make the time to do so. Health fairs are great resources to let people know where they stand in terms of health. They can be inspiring to not only lose weight but to get fit.


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