Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Haircut

Two blogs post in one day! I know that it rarely happens, but I really wanted to show you my new haircut! Back in April I wrote a post about potential hairstyles and I just got around to deciding what to do with my hair.

I am writing a blog post with all the details and pictures, but I am posting it on my Newsham Flight Log blog. So after you watch the video come on over and check it out!!

P.S. This is my first video blog post, so be nice to me! I was tempted to redo it, but I want you to see the real me.


*S said...
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*S said...

Love the new hair. & you are too cute on your vlog, there was no reason to think about re-doing it. The real you is the best kind of you!

mrsmarkdave said...

VERY cute. And it was fun to see you live, too :-)


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