Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Love Your Fruits and Veggies


Here is the Meeting Summary from July 12, 2011.

This week in the meeting room we had a special visitor....Mr. Potato Head! He helped to remind us about how important it is to dress up our fruits and vegetables!!

You know fruits and veggies should be a more important part of your diet, but it's hard to find ways to fit them in. Here's help.

If you're like many people, you may find it hard to work five servings of fruits and vegetables into your menu each day. Even a die-hard veggie lover might be challenged to hit this goal every day, but it's an important part of the Plan, so do what you can to make the change. It's worth it. In addition to (most of them) having 0 PointsPlus™ values, fruits and veggies offer the following perks:

- They make you feel fuller.
- They're rich sources of disease-fighting antioxidants.
- They reduce the risk of heart disease.
- They provide folic acid, vitamins and minerals.
- They increase energy, fight infection, improve regularity, keep skin healthy, promote normal blood clotting and build bones!

Fitting Them In
There are many ways to include more fruits and vegetables into your meals. Variety is key to keeping your taste buds happy and preventing boredom. When you go grocery shopping, pick up a fruit you've never tried before or spice up your green beans with a fiery peanut sauce instead of the usual butter spray.

Here are some tricks to try:

- Add vegetables to frozen entrees, pasta dishes, soups or wraps.
- Use frozen veggies to save time. Add them to recipes or eat them on their own.
- Snack on crudités with salsa, hummus, low-fat dip or dressing.
- Buy fresh seasonal, local or organic veggies, which are often more flavorful, think corn in the summer, squash in the winter.
- Mix fruits into green salads for a surprising new taste.

If all else fails, just remember to eat the rainbow!



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