Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our MLK Weekend

Jon and I were so excited to have a three day weekend this week. We needed it. We have been going to bed very early each night. However, I think that we are finally over jet lag.

On Saturday morning, I had an interview with Weight Watchers. I received an email while I was in China asking if I was interested in Weight Watchers employment. After praying about it I replied to the email and received an opportunity for an interview. I went to the interview and it went great. I was not nervous and just tried to be myself. I should hear something back about it this week sometime.

After my interview, Jon and I got together with friends that were in our Bible study this past fall. We decided to have a twelve hour Lord of the Rings marathon, because John and Elise had never seen those movies. It was fun! We started around noon and did not finish until after one o'clock in the morning.

I did not even make it through all of the movies. I ended up taking a two and a half hour nap during the first disk of the third movie. I have been doing that a lot recently, maybe I really am turning into my mother.

The rest of the weekend consisted of resting! We watched two football games on Sunday. The team we wanted to win, won. The team we wanted to lose, lost. It was a good football day for us.

Monday was relaxing too, even though I had some house work to do, it was nice to not have to be anywhere. Jon even got off early and came home to hang out with me. I really love those kind of days!

Well, this morning we are headed back to work. I am going to be really busy with Probation/Suspension. I want to post more China pictures, I just haven't done it yet. I will, don't worry!


Kelli said...

That sounds great! Movies and football and relaxing! Awesome!

Pretty Pauline said...

My kids LOVE the LOTR movies. I love the books, but the movies are a little too scary/gross for me. Did they have to make the bad guys SO disgusting looking?


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