Monday, January 3, 2011

Guest Post: Active Hobbies = Healthy Life

Today our guest post comes from Sarah at It's Better Everyday. If you have not already checked out her blog you need to!

If there is one thing that I can suggest to a person to promote a healthy lifestyle, it would be to fall in love with an active hobby. I would take it one step farther and find someone to love that hobby with you.

For some this is easy. You have always been a part of a baseball league in your community, you enjoy the outdoors and go hiking, you have a group of friends to play basketball with. For some just reading the prior list makes you cringe. No team sports thank you, and please don’t make me go outside in this weather.

What I hope to convince you of is this: there is something for everyone! No really. You! There is even something for the person who considers a sore muscle pain and avoids it at all costs. There is an active hobby for you, it is just a matter of finding it.

3 things to help you find the hobby that fits you:
1. Try each thing at least 3 times before you kick it to the curb. The first couple of times trying something new can be awkward and less than encouraging. Give a few tries to get the hang of it.
2. Find someone to start with you. Spouse, sibling, friend, parent, child. Have someone to get you motivated, someone for you to motivate back. Deepen your relationships by sharing experiences.
3. Don’t give up. Keep trying different things until you find something that you absolutely love. The list is endless. Don’t even settle for kind of liking it. I truly believe there is something out there for everyone.

Don’t know where to start? Here is a short list of things to try out:
Hiking, rock climbing, walking, inline skating, biking, running, soccer, baseball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, racquetball, dancing, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, disc golf, martial arts, skiing/snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, water skiing/wakeboarding,

Do you have any hobbies that aren’t listed?

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