Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guest Post: We Are Not What We Weigh...

This morning's guest post comes from Extra! Extra! Blog All About It. After you read Kimberly's post make sure you visit her blog.

My weight in the past few years seems to mimic a good roller coaster ride. It goes up, it goes down, it goes up. I've been underweight, skinny, and "fluffy" (my nice term for overweight) at different times in my life. It is easy to enjoy the skinny ~ clothes fit amazingly, they are easy to find and buy off the rack, people treat you differently than when you are overweight, joints don't ache, feet don't ache, and self-confidence is high.

This photo was taken with a friend and we were "modeling" ~ hahaha. I was way too skinny then and felt as horrible that skinny as I have felt being "fluffy".

When I'm fluffy, my joints hurt, my feet hurt (it's hard carrying those extra, unwanted pounds), people treat you differently, and well, that self-confidence is thrown out the window. I gain weight just looking at chocolate or anything carb-related.

Photos don't lie ~ this one is my most recent {thankfully, those grown out bangs have been cut}. Ugh! I hate my thighs, but I do love their power and they carry me where I need to go. I am the only one who can do something about them and so here goes the weight loss again. I'm praying it's permanent this time. Feeling good and being fit feel better than any piece of chocolate tastes.

I know when my body is operating at optimum levels ~ I feel good, I look good, my skin is clear, my eyes are clear, my hair is glossy. Oh, I still have the issue with searching for the perfect pair of jeans {every pair has to be altered} since I am pear-shaped. It's the toughest shape to lose weight. I've done it successfully before so here's to doing it again. I know my body does not lose if I eat a ton of fruit (I limit it to red grapefruit and apples when losing) and if I eat grains - even the healthy whole grains. I do best on lean cuts of meat, tons of veggies, and limited fruits. I cut out soda of any type (Sprite Zero only when necessary - best to keep sodas clear - less toxins) and I use stevia to sweeten my coffee - no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. It's tough to get started losing, but once I hit that mode, it has this amazing snowball effect. See weight loss photo below from 2008 (eyes are bright, skin is clear and I never felt better).

My workout of choice? T-Tapp (, which was created by Teresa Tapp. I use the Total Workout and I start with a 10-day bootcamp for my body to realign and re-adjust. I then use it every other day until I reach my goal. Consistency is key. I walk on my "off days" from T-Tapp, mainly using Leslie Sansone DVDs. When I'm losing weight, I work out 6 days/week. To maintain, it only takes 2 Total Workouts with T-Tapp a week to maintain. No, I'm not getting paid to endorse T-Tapp, just sharing what works for me after wasting countless dollars on other workouts and so many gimmicks. It is a cardio-kinetic (meaning it has intervals to help blast fat and build muscle from the inside-out) rehabilitative (aligns the spine and flushes lymphatic fluid) workout and it's powerful - so powerful that most lose a size a month. In 2008 when I was getting rid of my first round of weight, I lost 27 pounds and I don't know how many inches from the time I started in late January through late March. I was eating clean and it was mostly veggies and I was also juicing veggies and fruits (I love juicing to detox the body and also when I do a spiritual fast). I was actually beginning to love my thighs! Cellulite? What cellulite ~ it had disappeared. I found out cellulite is actually a buildup of toxins around our fat cells and not just fat.

This time, I decided not to necessarily diet through Christmas like I planned on doing, but to start with my bootcamp, workout through Christmas to start a habit again and then begin cutting everything out that I allowed back in. I regained my weight in 2009 when my adrenal system came to a screeching halt and my doctor advised me to rest my body (no workouts). Shame on me! I did not yet understand how rehabilitative T-Tapp is for the bod (go read the testimonials on the site about chemo patients, people with high blood pressure, etc) or I would have kept up those workouts. So here I go again, working out through the holidays. I have a different mindset than I did in 2008. While I wanted to be healthy and honor God with my temple, back then, it was also for vain reasons. I wanted to be my cute self again. I was single and wanted to look good. Now that I'm married, I want to still be healthy and honor God with my temple, I want to be fit but not a fanatic, I want to look good for my husband, but I also want to feel good, too.

Skinny or fluffy, I'm still the same Kimberly with the same heart, the same passions, the same dreams. As my fabulous husband {aka: very understanding man:)} says, "there's just more of you to love right now". Here's to health ~ inside and out.

Keep it simple, keep it motivating, keep moving, and keep smiling! You can do it and I can, too.

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