Friday, December 31, 2010

Flashback Friday: Our Wedding Reception

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing all of the pictures from our wedding over the last few weeks. This is a fun little series and a great way for me to share a lot of pictures with you at once.

This Friday, I posted some of my favorite pictures from our Wedding Reception. We have such a fun time at our reception. The theme for our wedding was China. Anyone wanting a Chinese wedding needs to make sure that they have Chinese food at the reception. Jon made lots of amazing Chinese food for the reception.

This was a great way for us to celebrate with our wedding with our friends and family.

Just Married!

Our Rings

Jon and his roommate Nate, who was also our photographer.

Signing our Marriage License

Jon's Best Man, Josh giving his toast.

My Maid of Honor, Michelle giving her toast. It was funny.

Cutting the cake

Dancing with my Daddy

Our first dance as Man and Wife

The Mother/Son dance

The garter toss

The bouquet toss

Jon, Nate, and Weston

Family and friends signed our picture frame.

Leaving for our Honeymoon

The end of a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I've really enjoyed looking at your wedding pictures. Thank you for sharing. :)

Territory Mom said...

So beautiful! I love your dress! You can tell you two are so much in love.

Living a Changed Life said...

Stephanie - It's my pleasure! It was fun to go back and look through all of these pictures again.

Territory Mom - Thank you!


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