Thursday, March 7, 2013

Success Story Ideas

Flying with Jon on Sunday, before I got the flu.
Has the flu been to your home this season? We had been flu free until I got sick on Tuesday! I will spare you all the details and just say that I hate being sick. As a result, I have not been tracking, because for most of this week I couldn't eat anything.  The things that did sound good to eat were not the most pointsplus friendly foods.

I weigh in on Saturday and I am really not sure what the scales going to say after my body was put through the ringer this week. However, in all honesty I am not that worried about it. God is teaching me to be more gracious with myself and I know that it wasn't my plan to get sick. So, even if this hasn't been the best week on plan, I will forgive myself and more forward.

A small part of me is thankful that I got sick this week, because it meant that I had time to do some of the things I enjoy, like blogging, because I couldn't do anything else! Let me rephrase that...while I was sick, my husband would not let me do anything else except sit on the couch.

I'm excited about a new idea that I had, while I was confinded to my couch! I want begin to write blog posts about other people's success stories. I know that success stories really encourage me as I try to stay on plan and lose weight. I hope that these success stories would be another source of encouragement for you all too!

In order to make this work, I need your help!

Please take time to answer to questions below in the comments section and/or email me at

1.) What questions would you like to ask someone who had lost weight and been currently living at their goal weight?

2.) Do you know anyone I need to feature as a success story on this blog? Someone who has lost weight and continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I cannot promise that I will use all of your questions and/or interview ideas, but I value your imput so I will try my best to make it happen!

One last thing: Next week, I will have a giveaway taking place!! Be sure to check back next Monday for all the giveaway details.


Nancy said...

I'd like to know if those who have maintained their weight still keep a food diary and how much exercise they do each week. I'd also like to know how many meals they eat each day and the types of snacks they enjoy.

The Skinny on Staci said...

I don't know of anyone in particular, but I want to ask them if they just clicked and made it happen... or did they start, stop, start, stop, lose, gain, over and over and then finally click. Lol I am the latter, and I want to know that just because I can't seem to get it together, that one day it really WILL come together and I will lose!
Sorry you were sick. :(

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Questions I would love to have asked:

1. Favorite WW recipe
2. What was your biggest "light bulb moment" while on the plan?
3. We've all had our weeks where we've gained on the scale. When you gained, what went through your head? And how did you overcome it to get back on track?
4. For the weeks that you couldn't make it to a meeting, did you do anything different to stay focused and on track to stay motivated until your next meeting visit? (i.e. traveling for work with no WW meeting in the area to attend, vacation, etc.)


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