Monday, August 13, 2012

My Last Week with Weight Watchers

This is the last week that I will work for Weight Watchers before Olivia is born! I will work my normal Tuesday night and Saturday morning meetings and then I will be on maternity leave. I will be on maternity leave for about eight weeks or more, depending on how my labor, delivery, and recovery go over the next several weeks.

There is no doubt about it that I cannot wait to meet Olivia and welcome her into this world! However, this time is bittersweet, because of how much I am going to miss working for Weight Watchers over these next few weeks. Below, I have listed out the two main groups of people that I am going to miss while I am away.

{Weight Watchers Members}
First of all, I am going to miss my Weight Watches memebers. I enjoy being able to see my Weight Watchers members on a weekly basis. It gives me an opportunity to connect with them and find out how their weight loss journey is going. This past weekend I realized that I am going to miss celebrating milestones with my members while I am gone. I will miss being there for 5%, 10%, 5 pound stars, and much more!

I am excited to see how much progress my members are going to make while I am gone. I cannot wait to come back and hear all about their victories and struggles while I was away!!

{Weight Watchers Coworkers}

Next, I am going to miss my Weight Watches coworkers/friends!! It is such a joy to be able to work with other women who have been successful on the Weight Watchers program. I am going to miss the weekly encouragement that I receive from them throughout the week. It is going to be hard to not work with them for the next eight week!

I plan to take Olivia to Weight Watchers to meet my members and coworkers. I will be sure to take pictures and post them, so that you can share in Olivia's first trip to Weight Watchers. I know that it won't be her last.

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Here's Spammy said...

I've decided that on my journey, having a good WW teacher makes a huge difference, and I can tell you are probablly a pretty awesome one! Thanks for doing this website, it is very inspiring and congrats on your upcoming new bundle of joy!


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