Monday, September 12, 2011

Sexy Christians


Preface: I blog about what’s on my mind and this I have been thinking a lot about sex and self-image. Blogging helps me to process what I am thinking about. So, try to bear with me. Thanks!

Last week, I listened to Pastor Mark Driscoll’s The Peasant Princess sermon series. This sermons series took an in depth look at the book of the Songs of Solomon. I enjoyed Pastor Mark's preaching because it was to the point. He does not beat around the bush, but simply tells you how it is which I appreciate. At the end of each of his sermons Pastor Mark would give you questions to ask your spouse so that you could begin to talk about some of these issues.

This past weekend I tried to talk about some of these things with Jon. We had some good talks! When I was all out of questions Jon surprised me with a question of his own. He asked me, "why don't you feel sexy?" I quickly tried to come up with an answer, but the truth was that I nothing was good enough. I am not sure why I do not feel sexy, but it is just a fact.

I began to wonder, "can Christians be sexy?" I’m talking married Christians in a Godly covenant relationship, can they be sexy? Well, of course they can! However, what does that look like? What does it look like to be a sexy married Christian? 

Our world and culture do a good job at telling us what they believe is sexy. But why does the church stay so quiet about such an important issue? Shouldn't Christians be examples of what is means to have a healthy understanding of sexuality?

The Lord has not given me any divine revelations about my questions, but if He does I will let you know!

So...what do you think?


Janae @ Somewhat Couture said...

I thought about this yesterday. I don't have the answer but some thoughts. A couple of years ago, some of my friends and I were talking about how strange/hard it is to be raised in church where sex is "wrong" before marriage and sex is made to seem like a bad thing but then once your married, you're supposed to totally change. Sexy Christians seems stange but its part of a healthy marriage I think!
BTW- I am going to BLS on the 23rd. I am really excited, I found your blog when I was looking for info on new ww leaders!

Gretchen said...

I just found your blog yesterday when I was searching for a WW berry cobbler to make. I was feel a bit discouraged and reading some of your posts really encouraged me! And-- I actually listened to Mark Driscoll's Peasant Princess series last week too! It changed the way I viewed marriage, taught me so much and definitely challenged me as a wife.


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