Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting Back on Track after Summer

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One minute you're eating, drinking and making merry in the summer sun. The next you're back home, very possibly disappointed by any vacation weight gain and facing the prospect of the oncoming colder weather. It's enough to make anyone ditch their diet, grab the comforter and become one with the cookie jar.

Are you like many others trying to ditch your summer vacation eating habits? Here are 10 ways to get back on track after summer.

Follow these 10 top tips to get back on track 
1. It might seem obvious but you can avoid the post-vacation panic if you eat and drink sensibly while you're away. Eating well over summer is easy as you can always get access to low PointsPlus® value foods (sorbets, salads, exotic fruits etc.) and you'll also have lots of opportunities to earn activity PointsPlus values by swimming, walking and other outdoor activities.

2. Your vacation feeling doesn't have to end the moment you walk through your front door. Make the most of the fading light by getting out and about. The exercise will not only burn calories but it will also keep you feeling cheerful and buoyant well after your vacation has ended.

3. Same goes for food. Recreate some of the best meals of your trip at home. Buy the best fish you can afford or the leanest cut of meat, season well and grill over charcoal for the authentic alfresco taste. Serve with a crisp salad, juicy tomatoes and fresh herbs for a light, low PointsPlus value meal.

4. Foods that make you feel full will stop you from overeating, even if you're suffering the back-to-work blues. Mix tastes, textures and temperatures to keep your palate entertained and opt for filling, slow-release foods such as brown rice, bananas, potatoes and lentils.

5. Have a kitchen clear-out. Get back on track by clearing out the cupboards and fridge. Have an amnesty on naughty foods; don't feel guilty for having bought them, just trash them.

6. Stock up on delicious fall foods. Swap out light summer herbs like basil and cilantro for woodsy rosemary, thyme and sage, and look for autumn apples and squash. Spend an afternoon with a cup of coffee and your favorite cookbooks, finding low PointsPlus value recipes for the forthcoming months. You could also cook a few meals in advance and freeze them.

7. Anticipate any monthly milestones. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just a few of the seasonal events that revolve around food. We've got lots of recipes for all these occasions so there's no reason you have to miss out on all the fun.

8. Exercising in bad weather can be brutal. Keep on track with your fitness routine by investing in a new workout DVD or picking up second-hand copies from a thrift shop. If you don't feel like buying any DVDs, your local library and video store will have them to rent for a few bucks.

9. Make sure you get enough sleep. Vacations, jet lag and getting back to work can all disrupt your sleep patterns leaving you tired and low. Tiredness is often a trigger for snacking and overeating, so make sure you get plenty of rest and the full eight hours.

10. Stay positive! Your summer vacation may be over but each season has its own charm. Some of the nicest walking weather happens in the fall, with its clear skies and glorious colors, while winter is the perfect time to be sledging, skiing and building fires — all great fun activities which will earn you extra activity PointsPlus values!


Losing Brownies said...

I always find that I eat more when I'm suck inside because I'm bored. It's too hot here to do much during the summer so I always put on weight. I'm thankful if I can maintain during the summer and super excited if I lose anything.

Anonymous said...

I love the suggestions #5 and #6. I really like the sound of coffee and cookbooks.

Thanks for sharing.


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