Friday, August 26, 2011

Things I Like Right Now

Happy Friday!
It's been quite a week in our home. My hubby has been sick all week. On top of that we have been busy with work and church. I feel like I have not had time to catch my breathe in days, because we have just been going, going, going.

It started out as a hard Weight Watchers week too, but I have been able to get right back on track. I am curious to see what happens when I weigh in tomorrow morning. So, because it is Friday, I thought I would share with you some things I like right now!

I am so glad that I found pinterest! This website is truly unique, because there is something for everyone!! I hate to admit it, but I could spend hours on this site, just looking for ideas, recipes, clothes, and more!

Here is East Texas we were going on more than 100 days without rain. Yikes! For a Pacific Northwest girl like myself this is almost unbearable! I miss the rain so much! We have been praying for rain, because so many people in the state of Texas desperately need it. Our prayers were answered on Wednesday of this week, when we finally got about 40 minutes of rain. I ran to the door and just held it open so that I could take in the thunder storm. Rain smells so good! The cool weather did not stay very long and it is now back up to over 100 degrees again, but the rain on Wednesday was such a special treat!

I like good quotes, especially the ones that make you think!! I just thought this was great and I wanted to share it with you.

Those are just a few things I like right now!! I hope that you have a great weekend!!

I posted a Flashback Friday blog post over at my other blog. If you are interested please click here to check it out.

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