Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Snack Smart


Here is the meeting summary from August 6, 2011.

I know that the summer can be so hectic, but make time for yourself and for the meetings. Now more than ever you need that support and motivation.

This week in the meeting room we talked about Snacking Smart. We discovered that people already know what times of the day that they are going to get cravings.

For example:
*mid-morning craving around 10 am after breakfast and before lunch
*mid-work day lull sometime between 1 and 5 pm
*on your way home from work when all the restaurants smell so good
*after supper and before bedtime
*late night cravings
*long car trips

Now if we already know that we are going to be hungry during these times, the best thing that we can do is plan and prepare for these snacks. Instead of fighting the hunger, (and being oober cranky at work) your best bet is to budget snacks into your daily points plus allowance.

Power foods offer us amazing nutrition, are the lowest in pointsplus+ values, and they give you the longest lasting feeling of satisfaction. Because of all these benefits power foods really can be a wonderful option for your snacking.

When we don’t plan for our snacks, we usually do not have healthy options around, so we end up spending a lot more unwanted pointsplus+ on a less satisfying food because it was all we could find.

Always have a stash of food where you have the most amount of snack cravings.
Keep something at work (desk drawer, break-room, locker, etc.)
Keep something in your purse/bag.
Have something in your car (*don’t recommend chocolate this time of year)
Have something by your bed at night. (keeps the kids out of your treats and keeps you from getting up and browsing to the kitchen)

Fat, protein and fiber are the best 3 ingredients when trying to snack smart. Fat and protein will provide the longest-lasting energy, while slow-to-digest fiber will keep you feeling fuller longer. You should also include some carbohydrates, which are a source of rapid energy.

Try some of these tasty snack options:
• Low-fat vanilla yogurt topped with chopped fresh fruit and a spoonful of chopped peanuts.
• Whole grain crackers and low-fat cheese.
• Instant oatmeal mixed with a small amount of dried fruit bits and slivered almonds.
• Peanut butter and jelly on light whole wheat bread.
• Apple slices and peanut butter.
• Veggie straws with hummus.
• Half a turkey sandwich with low-fat mayonnaise.
• A small handful of nuts and raisins.
• A low-fat granola bar.
• A cup of bean soup.

In this heat try some cold options! Try freezing your fresh fruit and eat them as a tasty treat later to help cool you down. Try blueberries, grapes, and even bananas.
When freezing bananas be sure to take the peel off first.
a) You can cut a banana in half and then stick a Popsicle stick in each half to make a tasty treat
b) Slice up the banana and place it in a Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer. This makes a great on the go snack and almost tastes like eating a banana ice cream.

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