Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday: Chocolate Cake

This morning, I want you to laugh with me! I want to give you just a glimpse of some of the most joyful times my family ever had.

What you must first understand is that the men in my family are always trying to get people to laugh. I even married a man who is just like Dad and brothers. Most of the time this annoys me, because if I am angry I just want to be left alone to pout! However, my Dad and brothers, Kyle and Jake, refuse to let me have my way. It's as if they make it their mission to get a smile out of me.

Growing up my family loved to laugh together. My brother Kyle was so funny that we could watch a silent movie with him and his fake commentary of the movie would have us on the floor laughing! Those were good times!!

This is me and my silly Dad the last time we were together in July 2009.

Hands down, my Dad's favorite comedian is Bill Cosby. My Dad owned Bill Cosby as Himself on DVD and he would watch that it over and over again! It never got too old for him. Dad loved that both he and Bill Cosby had five kids. Bill was a man that my Dad could relate to.

I think that most of my family would agree that our favorite part on that entire DVD was Billy Cosby's skit about the chocolate cake.


This skit would have us on the ground laughing so hard that we were crying, because as a family we could completely relate to what he was talking about!! He was describing our family!! We loved this skit so much that we would even quote Bill Cosby and sing, “Dad is great give us the chocolate cake!”.

There are times when I get really sad, because my parents are now divorced and our family has changed so much. However I am so thankful for memories like these that I will always cherish. Bill Cosby will always hold a special place in my heart, because he brought my family together through laughter.

Thanks Bill!

Here is a video of the skit I am taking about. I hope you enjoy watching it!

Bill Cosby Chocolate cake by Spookytime

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Colleen said...

Loved the chocolate cake video! Thanks for sharing it.

Losing Brownies said...

I love Bill Cosby. The Chocolate Cake skit is one I remember from my childhood, as he was a favorite of my parents too. He was one of those comedians that didn't need to use potty language to get a laugh.

Siany said...

aw what a lovely memory x

healthybeth said...

Love the video. He is so funny! Thanks for the laugh.


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