Monday, March 14, 2011

Celebrate Non-Scale Victories


Here is the meeting summary from March 8, 2011.

Now lets focus on celebrating our Non Scale Victories

The scale isn't the be-all and end-all for feedback on your weight-loss efforts.

It's easy to get caught up in the numbers when you're weighing in every week. You worked so hard! You want that scale to say your hard work is … well, working.

There's a danger in depending solely on the scale for feedback, though. If it shows that you didn't lose or that you gained, you might feel disappointed. It might even feel like a setback.

But if you put the scale in perspective and focus on other achievements, your weight-loss journey will feel a lot less hit or miss. Imagine how your potential would soar if you were in tune with other signs of progress! The resulting positive attitude could make you a winner in the long run. And that's what this is really about.

The pounds are the plus
Maybe you've seen the abbreviation "NSV" — it means "non-scale victories," the small, everyday indicators that mark your new, healthier life. Sounds like fun, right? Sort of like an added bonus to the pounds dropping away?

But try thinking of it this way: The NSVs are what your hard work is really about, and the numbers on the scale are the added bonus. Sure, keeping track of the weight lost is an important part of the Plan. But also acknowledging your progress in other areas can help keep you positive.

For example, here are some non-scale victories that are well worth celebrating:
• Your clothes fit better
• It's easier to walk up stairs and play with your kids
• You have more energy
• You feel more positive and better about yourself
• You're noticing that you eat more vegetables and drink more water. You're acting like a healthy person!

It's important to recognize changes, even if you consider them small as they are happening. If you focus on those NSVs, the pounds will take care of themselves. You'll realize that you're progressing in behaviors, attitudes, skills and choices that will last you a lifetime at a healthy weight.

Here are 17 ways to reward yourself for your hard work!

Weight loss is hard! Reward yourself with these great treats (for as little as $5).
When you were a kid, and you did something well, every now and then you got a reward. Motivating, right?

Weight loss is no different. Use that same logic to make your weight-loss journey more pleasant — and your goal more attainable. Set mini-goals, then reward yourself when you meet them.

If you don't celebrate small, everyday lifestyle changes there will be times when your long-term weight-loss goal seems so far away that you'll despair or be tempted to give up. Having little stops to celebrate along the way makes that journey more pleasant — and your goal more likely to be achieved.

Come up with goals that are unique to you and the challenges you face with weight loss. Keep them realistic and varied, and track them closely. For example, you might make these three goals:
• I will walk 30 minutes five days this week.
• From now on, I will record everything I eat each day (regardless of my food intake).
• I will clean up the kitchen tonight without picking the leftovers off the dinner plates.

Then, when you meet one of your mini-milestones, give yourself a reward! Just like your goals, your rewards should be varied and unique to you. And they don't have to put a dent in your wallet (unless you want them to!).

For $5 or less, why not...
• Sip on a cup of tea in a cozy café.
• Finish the day with a long, soak in the tub with a glossy magazine. Everyone loves a good bubble bath once in a while.
• Enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning — take the phone off the hook and spend the morning in your pajamas reading the newspaper, a book or poring over a few magazines.
• Savor a celebratory glass of wine with dinner.

For $10 or less, why not...
• Open a "pamper me" bank account: Deposit $10 for every week you've stuck to your weight-loss plan, or for every pound you've lost.
• Pick up that new book you've had your eye on.
• Download the latest album from your favorite band.
• Buy a relaxation tape and use it daily.
• Share dessert with your partner at a café, or do a little grocery shopping and make one of the delicious, healthy desserts from the Food & Recipes section.

For $20 to $45, why not...
• Pay your neighbor's teenager to do your food shopping for you. Just make a list, then kick back.
• Phone your distant friends. Choose a time when the phone company has low rates and you can spend hours catching up.
• Get yourself a haircut or blowout, or a 30-minute massage.
For over $50, why not...
• Devote the entire day to a shopping spree for a new pair of shoes. Athletic shoes, that is, to help you earn Activity PointsPlus® values.
• Splurge on a bottle of expensive Champagne — you deserve it.
• Rent a convertible and head for the beach or the mountains for the day — or an off-road vehicle for a rugged winter drive.
• Hire a maid for the day — to cook and clean while you lounge around.


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I couldn't have said it better myself and have been pondering a post just like this! I may feature this soon on Project Supermom, so I'll post back with the link. Thanks for sharing!


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