Friday, February 4, 2011

Flashback Friday: Squatty Potty

Wow! It has been a really weird morning. Sorry for the delay in getting this post up and written. I was on my way to work, only to get a phone call that I was excused from work because of the snow. However, Jon still has to go to work in this terrible mess. So, Jon drove me all the way home, just to drive himself all the way back out to work. I am thankful to have a snow day, but wish that Jon was not out on these roads right now.

This is me in the snow! See I am all ready to go to work, but now I am back home.

Now on to the real reason for this blog post. Today, I would like to share with you, my experience with the Chinese squatty potty.

This is a Chinese squatty potty.

This first time that we went to China, Jon warned me about how the toilets in China are different than the toilets in the U.S. He told me how to use one and what to expect. I tried to prepare myself as much as one can. However, when we arrived in China and for the entire ten days we were there never once I did end up using a squatty potty.

I was so happy and felt like I had been victorious! Jon could not believe that many of the newer apartments that we went to did not have the traditional squatty potty. I on the other hand was glad to get out of the country without having to experience this toilet I had heard so much about.

That was not the case when we went to China this last time around for Christmas. The first night I was there I ended up using the squatty potty! I did not even know how to use it. It turned out I was squatting backwards and needed to turn around the other way to avoid splashing. I also learned from my sister-in-law that you should roll up your pants to avoid getting anything on your clothes.

Jon was very pleased that I had to use the squatty potty. As I told him about my experience he got a big smile on his face that I had finally given in and used this kind of toilet. Who knew that there are different kinds of toilets in the world? I never knew that until I met Jon. Thanks honey for broadening my perspective, as usual.

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Losing Brownies said...

Interesting! I don't know if I'd be comfortable with that at all!

-J.Darling said...

Ya know, they've actually proven that squatting IS a more natural way of relieving yourself than the euproean sitting position.

It's amazing how things that seem "old" are actually more natural and often times, more healthy for us! Squatting forces out excess gas naturally, rather than the harsh process of baring down. Crazy huh?
(And laying in bed is probably one of the WORST positions to labor and give birth in. So hard on mom's back, prolongs labor, and makes pushing harder - but it's easier for the MD's so European cultures adopted it.)

mrsmarkdave said...

Oh My! I would've died.

Enjoy your snow day. That is the best. Especially on a Friday. However, I understand your not loving having Jon out in the mess. I'm always anxious when Dave goes out in it, too. I was never excused from work NO MATTER how horrible the storm. However, in Iowa we just have to live with it since those of us who have lived here our whole lives have lived with snow.

*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Oh my goodness! This reminds me when I was in the Tokyo Japan airport. The first stall I went into in the restroom was one of these toilets in the floor. I was so shocked I had never seen one before, hehe. I was glad the next stall had a regular one! :)

Glucosamine said...

may be i think its the inverted one.


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