Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are You Making A Difference?

God has been teaching me so much this week!! I am so excited about it that I just have to share it with you.

All year Scott and Kelli, from KLOVE, have been encouraging people to participate in Make a Difference Monday. Every Monday they have people call in to share about the random acts of kindness that they have been doing for total strangers. All year, I have not participated in this challenge. It is cool to listen to other people's stories, but I just decided that I do not have time for that.

Little did I know, God has other plans...

At Bible study on Monday, we talked about Finances. One of the highlights of our conversation was about giving to others. By the end of this Bible study we were all so excited, because we wanted to be able to live radically for God. What does that look like? Random acts of kindness. We even talked about maybe doing something as a group or each taking $10.00 to bless someone else. Afterward we would come back together and share our stories.

I thought that would be so cool, but I guess God really wanted me to get the message.

So, yesterday morning I was in my monthly staff meeting. Every meeting starts out with a short devotional. Yesterday, my co-worker talked about looking beyond ourselves and doing things for others just because we can. She encouraged us to go out and do something for someone that would not be for your own personal benefit. My mouth almost hit the floor. This is the message I have been hearing from God all week long!! She even gave us a small gift box to serve as a reminder for us to think about others, before we think about ourselves.

God has shown me that I am such a selfish person. It's just a fact. I am concerned with myself and where I need to go that I rarely think about anyone else that is not in my circle of influence. However, I am convinced that God wants me to be more like Jesus in this area.

Starting yesterday, I am praying that God shows me at least one person that I can be kind to a week.

Are you all in the same position? Would you join me in this quest to be more like Jesus? Are you already performing random acts of kindness? If so, I would LOVE to hear your ideas.

I want to leave you with a song, by Matthew West. The song is called, "My Own Little World" and I think that they do a great job of summing up how I have felt this week.

My Own Little World
Matthew West
In my own little world it hardly ever rains
I’ve never gone hungry or always felt safe
I got some money in my pocket shoes on my feet
In my own little world
Population me

I try to stay awake through the Sunday morning church
I throw a twenty in the plate but I never give ’til it hurts
and I turn off the news when I don’t like what I see
it’s easy to do when it’s
population me

What if there’s a bigger picture
what if I’m missing out
What if there’s a greater purpose
I could be living right now
outside my own little world

Stopped at the red light, looked out my window
Outside the car, saw a sign, said “Help this homeless widow”
Just above this sign was the face of a human
I thought to myself, “God, what have I been doing?”
So I rolled down my window and I looked her in the eye
Oh how many times have I just passed her by
I gave her some money then I drove on through
in my own little world there’s
Population two

What if there’s a bigger picture
what if I’m missing out
What if there’s a greater purpose
I could be living right now
outside my own little world

Start breaking my heart for what breaks Yours
give me open hands and open doors
put Your light in my eyes and let me see
that my own little world is not about me


Marlene said...

I enjoy reading your devotionals! I am part of a group that makes greeting cards to donate. This month is our one year anniversary. We got started last year as part of "Casa Grande Cares" which runs for the month of October. We just kept going. :) I am amazed at how much emotional benefit comes from doing for others. :) We have a blog and are trying to post daily for the month of October. Here is our link if you are interested in checking it out.

Living a Changed Life said...

Thanks Marlene! I look forward to checking this out.

Amanda said...

Visiting from Blogfrog! I LOVE this song and every time I hear it, God is speaking straight to me!!
He can do amazing things in US as we serve other people...rarely is it for them...He does a greater work in our own heart!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Same study here and I love that song and have heard it over and over on the radio here in the midwest.

I try to constantly think of others and do random things when I can. It is all about giving and God has been working on me too.

Great blog, just another sign from God.

Living a Changed Life said...

Amanda - I'm so glad to have you visiting!! So true. Thanks for sharing.

Trainer T.s Fitness - Thanks! That is so exciting that God is working on that in you too!


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

Living a Changed Life said...

Hi Ron! Thanks for following my blog! I can't wait to check out yours.

Kendra said...

I love Matthew West! God speaks through his music in such amazing ways.
And I have been criticized by my husband for giving too much. I guess there has to be a happy medium somewhere.

Living a Changed Life said...

Kendra - I agree you need to find a happy medium, hope I learn what that is soon! I love Matthew West too!

NEWS-GAL said...

I love that song by Matthew West!! I'm a church secretary so I get calls everyday from people in our community needing help of some kind. I try to help as many as I can all the while having to turn some away or at least refer some of them to other organizations. I think God brings people our way in everyday life too we just have to keep our eyes open and be aware of what he's telling us. You are doing a great job of that! Keep it up!

Tina said...

Hi Jen,

I will join you in doing this random act of kindness. One of the random act of kindness that I show strangers is at the gas station. here we have to clean our own windshields and back windows. So when i see an elderly person whose windshield looks like it hasn't been washed for a long time or it's so filthy they can't see through it, I get the squeegie and clean their windowws for them. They always look at me like So how much money are you gonna ask for? They are shocked when I just say have a good day and walk away without asking for anything.

I need to think of other ways also.

In Christ's love
Sis in Christ

Amy: said...

I heard this song again this morning and was telling my daughter that this is my new favorite song. It speaks to the whole of what Christ was about, helping others, not focusing on ourselves.

Chelle said...

Wow! Powerful song. I love how you blog is so interactive. You always have pictures and music and videos. It makes for powerful communication. If you do become a speaker some day, you'll have all your blog archives to pull from. =)

Living a Changed Life said...

Tina - Thanks for sharing! That is a great idea!!

Amy - That is so true. I am glad you could share that with you daughter.

Chelle - So true! I can't wait to see what God has in store for me.


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