Friday, June 18, 2010

Desperate for a Routine

My husband, Jon and I just recently moved. We were living in Married Student housing and we have now moved off campus. The hardest part about the move is that I have gotten out of my regular routine. Just this morning, I was trying to decide what my schedule will look like and how I can add exercise back into my day.

I know that the secret to long-term weight loss is exercise, which is why I must add that back into my daily routine. It is going to look different then before, but that's okay. So, starting next week, I am going to begin to try different schedules to see what I like best. I have thought about getting up to exercise before work or waiting until after work and exercise before I come home. Who knows, maybe I will do a combination of both! It doesn't matter when I exercise as long as I do it.

What works best for you?


Toni said...

It's best for me to work out before I really start my day. Otherwise I get distracted by life and the other ninety million things I have to do and the gym just doesn't happen.

The Newsham's said...

That's a great idea!! There are so many things I wish I could get done in the morning, but I can be so lazy. I could try doing a work-out video at home before I go to work.


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