Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don’t Feed Your Feelings!

Here is a summary of my Weight Watchers meeting on September 29, 2009.

Don’t Feed Your Feelings!

Remember this week as you start getting those hunger pains to:
1) Evaluate whether or not it is a physical hunger pain or if its emotional.
Ask yourself what it is you are really seeking. If it is physical hunger, then you should eat something. A good sign is that your stomach will begin to growl. If you determine it to be emotional then...

2) Find a distraction. Do something to help you resolve the emotion that doesn’t involve eating!

For example:

• Journal- write whatever it is that’s bothering you down on paper or in an email. Sometimes just writing it all down can be a great way to “let it all out.”
• Vent- call a friend or family member and just tell them what is going on. It just might make you feel better!
• Find a hobby- do something with your hands. (Knit, sew, crafts, garden, etc.)
• Take a relaxing bubble bath. The warm water helps soothe those achy muscles.
• Clean house- everyone loves that squeaky clean atmosphere.
• Read a book- a novelty book, one that you enjoy and are interested in. Let it take you away!
• Exercise- go for a walk. Maybe even just stretching can help take away some of that unwanted stress.
• Go shopping- even if it’s just window shopping, it can help you get through those emotions.

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