Thursday, November 7, 2013

Learning to Accept Help


A few weeks back, my friend's Mom, Diane, offered to help me clean my house. Diane said that she would be willing to clean my house every other week and help me with whatever needed to be done around my house.

I'm not going to lie to you that it took me several weeks to warm up to the idea. I am such a proud and it is hard for me to accept help from others, especially when I know that I could clean my house on my own. After wavering back and forth over what I would do, I finally talked to Jon and he encouraged me to contact Diane and accept her offer.

So, reluctantly I texted Diane and asked if her offer was still good. Almost immediately, Diane called me back. She was thrilled that I had gotten a hold of her in order to take her up on her offer. We talked and decided that yesterday would be the perfect day for her to come by and deep clean my house.

I was so nervous all morning waiting for Diane to arrive at my house. It was raining pretty hard and I wanted to call her to try to back out of all of this. Then after Diane arrive, it was so hard to sit in my house and focus on my work while someone else cleaned up my mess.

Do you know what? I survived. It did not kill me to accept help from another person. To be perfectly honest, I felt so blessed yesterday, after Diane left my house. I am so thankful to this woman for being willing to serve me and my family in this incredible way.

Do you know what else? Diane will be back in two weeks to help me again! I hope and pray that every time she comes to my house, I will become more willing to accept help from others.

What about you? Do you willingly accept help from others? What areas in your life you need to begin to accept help from those around you?

For me, it was all about my dirty floors, but maybe for you it's regarding your weight loss journey. Or maybe you need to accept someone's offer to be your workout buddy. Or maybe you need to ask your family to begin to help support your new healthier lifestyle.

So let's not wait any long!! The time to learn to accept help from those around us is now!!

As my husband said, "Praise God there are people our there willing to help stubborn people like us".


Chrystal's Corner said...

In these situations I am always reminded that when I don't accept others offers to help, I am robbing them of the blessing they get from serving me. It is so hard when pride creeps in but when I think about it that way, it's almost impossible to say no!

mary kennedy said...

I'm so glad you decided to accept the offer of help. You have so much going on in your life right now and taking care of yourself should be a priority. By the way, I love your recipes!! Easy, delicious and low calorie. Please keep them coming!!

Pam Jackson said...

Like you, I don't accept help easily. I have accepted things from family and even that is hard. I had someone once tell me that I let my pride get in the way. Even to this day, with Fibromyalgia haunting me daily and making it hard to get things done, I still will not accept help. I am getting better....but it takes time to change the way you have been forever.


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