Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - Lighten Up


I am happy and proud to share with you that I lost another pound at my weigh in this past Saturday! 

Last week, I was able to stay on plan everyday and record everything that I ate in my tracker. I think that these small changes made a huge impact on my weight loss results. I have been able to get back on track and I am excited to see how I continue to lose weight in these coming weeks.

I am a little nervous about Thanksgiving, because I do not want to go off plan. I am trying to prepare myself by earning some extra Activity PointsPlus before Thursday.

What are you doing to stay on plan this week?

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Week 8 - Lighten Up

This is the 8th and final week of our 8 Weeks to Thanksgiving Challenge!! Our challenge this week is to use the Recipe Builder on eTools to assign PointsPlus values to Thanksgiving classics or lighten them up. What are some of your favorite family recipes? How have you lightened them up?

P.S. My baby girl has been so fussy the last two days. Please pray that I have wisdom to know how to take care of her!


Tracy said...

I'm running a 5K on Thursday morning. I know it won't off-set all the extra calories completely, but it's better than sitting around all day.

I've only also used only 4 WP so far - my points reset on Friday. So I should have a bit of wiggle room.

I also looked up or calculated all the points values for my "non-dinner" favorites - Chex mix, for example. And I bought small cups to eat these snacks out of, rather than just grazing the big bowl. Then I will know how much I have!

I am just on week 1 back at it 100%, so my motivation and excitement is high. I hope I don't lose sight on T-Day! I also had planned to go to Saturday meetings, but I think I might give myself one extra day and go on Sunday this week. (Plus, our relatives are still in town on Saturday, they'll be gone by Sunday).

Good luck everyone!

Amanda @FancyOatmeal said...

Congrats on your weight loss!


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