Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting Ready for Summer


Here is the latest Get Fit email from Dr. Jacobs.

No, it’s not too early to be thinking about it! As the weather warms and we come out of hibernation (and get ready for warm vacations), there are should be no excuses for getting out and getting moving. Here are five tips to get your fitness schedule up and running.

1. Change up your routine. If you can run through your routine without breaking a bead of sweat on your brow, or if the movement patterns seem to move automatically with little effort, it is definitely time to update your plan of action. You need a routine well balanced in both cardio-based exercises (running, swimming, elliptical, etc.) and resistance training exercises.

2. Go for full body. Large, full-body movements elicit a strong metabolic boost during and after the workout. Research has shown that the after burn effect of resistance exercises utilizing more of the body has a greater effect on the metabolism through the day than just doing cardio exercises on their own.

3. Switch to less-stable movements. Always begin with as much assistance as needed to maintain proper form. Once form is perfected, move to less stable patterns of movement. This is a great way to utilize a stability ball or BOSU ball. This will increase the number of muscle motor units used, which in turn will increase calorie depletion.

4. Increase intensity. This is one of the easiest things to change, but the most challenging to implement. Many people work below their potential. Start increasing one workout a week above comfort zone and move to more frequency in intensity.

5. Discipline, Determination, Dedication. With these three words in mind, you are sure to reach your fitness goals.

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Needak Weightloser said...

"Discipline, Determination, Dedication"

Those three words really sum up the attitude any one needs to lose weight permanently.

With that attitude I have stuck to my exercise regime, am eating healthier than I have have before and am seeing real results. I love it.


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