Tuesday, April 5, 2011


During the month of February my friends and I planned a group date for our husbands. Do you remember me talking about it? If not check it out our Choose Your Own Adventure Date.

This past month our husbands decided to plan a group date for us!! They made it like our choose your own adventure date with their own fun twists! This was such a great surprise, because we never expected that they would do anything like this for us.

On Thursday, March 24, 2011, Elise, Becky, and I received invitations to join, "THE BEST HUSBANDS IN THE WORLD" on a group date to the Jeremy Camp concert. We love that this is what they called themselves and it became a joke throughout the night of our date. We knew that our husbands had been up to something and this was a pleasant surprise!!

Saturday afternoon, we all met at our house to receive further instructions about our group date. Each of us ladies got all dressed up and could not wait to see what our husbands had planned for us. Here is Elise looking beautiful before our date!

Becky all dressed up and waiting for our date to begin.

I came home from Weight Watchers training to find everyone waiting for me! I ran in my room, changed, ate a snack, and was ready to go on our group date.

The guys gave us a few choices about where we could eat. We could either do "fast food" or "fine dining". We of course picked fine dining! We didn't get dressed up for nothing you know. We finally settled on the Texas Roadhouse!

At the restaurant the guys had three different things for each lady to do. Elise had to make ten different animal noises throughout dinner. Becky had to be really annoying and change her order several times...our poor waiter. We are sorry!

I had to talk about Michael Jackson ten times! I had no problem bring up Michael Jackson to everyone, including our waiter.

Michael and Becky

Jon and Jen

John and Elise

After dinner the guys took us the the Jeremy Camp concert!!

At the concert we had to do some more silly things like getting so many people's autographs, taking pictures with a friend, and screaming at the top of our lungs, "WE LOVE YOU JEREMY!". We had such a great time. After the concert we headed to McDonald's for some ice cream.

At McDonald's we all decided that we could not end our night before we played our new favorite game, Shadows Over Camelot.

We ended up playing two games and staying up until 2am! Church came very early the next morning, but that's why God invented the Sunday afternoon nap!

We had such an amazing time with our husbands! They made us feel so special by taking some time to plan a special night for us. We are looking forward to more group dates together. I guess it is our turn next!

The best part is that during our date our husbands were even talking about next time...as in they would be planning another date for us in the future!!

We truly have...


Anonymous said...

I hope you always continue to enjoy each other, spend time with other couples and have fun. Even when/if kids come. We finally got our "couples" friends back now that their kids are all grown (we never had any). We get together once a month now and have an awesome time just laughing and talking and playing games. It's great!!!

Living a Changed Life said...

We've been praying for friends for a long time and we are so thankful to have a variety of people that we can spend time with. It's nice to do things as a couple!

-J.Darling said...

Hey there!
Sounds like a fun night! Where did you get that game? Is it something that 2 people can play? My fiancee is FINALLY moving into the same state as me (Yeah for the Navy actually giving orders that land us together finally) and we're on the look out for cheap dates! He has 17 days off once he's back! I have to work, but something fun like this to unwind at night would be awesome.

Living a Changed Life said...

Hi J.Darling - I got that game for my birthday. My husband and I played just the two of us (even though the rules say to have at least 3 people) it was fun! We LOVE this game. It should be great for date nights!

Here is the link to buy it at Amazon.com

sarahworldcook said...

Loved this post- I would have died if I had to do those things during the evening. You are a good sport! Fun reading! Now that we have kids and baby sitting is too expensive, it is harder to go out, especially with friends. It is important, though, to find different ways to have fun together and keep the relationship alive.


Living a Changed Life said...

Thanks Sarah! I hope that my husband and I are still able to do fun things like this even when we have kids.


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